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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All ROMS for Galaxy 5

i5503 /i5500 galaxy 5 အတြက္ custom Rom ေတြ စု ေပးထားပါတယ္ ။

Android  2.2
- OFFICIAL Froyo 2.2 samsung
- Mad 3.0 ROM
Android 2.3
- CyanogenMod7 V2.5
- Mad Gingerbread ROM edition

Android 4.0
- CyanogenMod 9 v0.4
- Gingernexus 4.0.4 - AOKP v0.4

ROMs Optimized for speed
- Clean ROM Final
- Gaming ROM

Different ROMs
- Sony Xperia HD
- Cyanmobile

- Cyanogenmod7.2.0 (Android 2.3.7) V2.6

ROM very good, is, in principle, the primaira custom ROM to be installed in most smarts as much as the geeks of the laity today. using ADW Launcher and style gingerbread android 2.3.7, ROM "official" is the most used, most beautiful, and the first choice for those who want to upgrade smart.

Posted Image   Posted Image   Posted Image

                         Posted Image   Posted Image
Photo Credit: CyanogenMod site
- Rom 4.0.4 Gingernexus
It is a Rom Based on Cyanogenmod 7.2 RC2 v2.4 Android 2.3.7.
More with the look of ICS '.

Not tested on my G5 appears to be a most excellent ROM '.


- Sony Xperia Hd

Is the ROM Xperia pro galaxy 5. with visual and animated widgets super, super fast ROM with WiFi running at 100%, something that did not work in CM7. is another ROM that I recommend, and which will earn as speed. my hands on this ROM never crashed, not even once. Audo is the top, but do not lose quality in both the handset as the speaker. 

- CyanogenMod 9 (Android 4.0.4) v0.4
That's right. android 4.0 on your Galaxy 5. fancy huh? the ROM is not yet at 100%, is still a bit sluggish, but I trust that one day Psyke, later that year, the CM9 rode smooth on galaxy 5.E furthermore, there are programs that optimize and improve the ROM, some programs like to tinker with Clock, RAM optimizer, and some settings that you order brand there. . .
Posted Image   Posted Image 

Posted Image   Posted Image  
Download the ROM + Gapps

- The Official Froyo 2.2.2 Samsung

as it is, is the original 2.2 rom, only updated (official) to 2.2.2 with less bugs, and consuming 50% less power than the 2.2, besides being faster and better.

Posted Image
Photo Credits: Google (LOL GALAXY)

- Mad Rom 3.0 - Super Froyo 2.2.2
Is the ROM MADTeam, super fast, stable, and very good, the style of android 2.2, is excellent for day-to-day, does not have a futuristic style, but a contemporary style and atial, relax ... more

            Posted Image   Posted Image

                                   Posted Image
Picture Credits: leo.kazapi

- Aokp - Android Open Kang Project 4.0.4

It is another project of android 4.0 for our Galaxy 5, only that AOKP is more customizable, more flexible, but in relation to development, is slower than CM9. I'm rooting for her too, but I hope most of CM9. . .

Posted ImagePosted Image 

- Clean Rom Final
 As the name says prórpio, the ROM is clean and fast, and cashes in speed what it loses in beauty, and that are optimized for gaming ROM velocidade.Atenção: THIS ROM IS NOT TO GAMES, YES FOR DAILY USE.

               Posted Image   Posted Image

                                          Posted Image

- Mad Rom Gingerbread Edition V2.1
Another ROM MADTeam, only this time, the android 2.3. Based on CM7 and using the ORIGINAL Gingerbread launcher, unlike CM7, using ADW Launcher EX is the option for those who want to have an authentic gingerbread on the smart.

              Posted Image   Posted Image

                                          Posted Image
Picture Credits:-Luigi.

- Rom Gaming

Yes this is a ROM meant for those who enjoy playing fairly. lost in the beauty but gets VERY performance with optimizations for maximum overclocking structure and you play your favorite games.

             Posted Image   Posted Image

- Cyanmobile - Android 2.3.8

It's a different ROM ... without much to report, never tested ... but it looks good and intuitive ...
                Posted Image   Posted Image

                                    Posted Image

- MINISENSE / Rom From Htc

Unlike other ROM. prettiest, ready for the day-to-day. I devised in order to enter \ exit the menu ...

Posted Image    Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

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