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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Android Dictionary

ADB/Android Debug Bridge
Part of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), it allows for ROOT-level access to the Android device from a computer.

FC/Force Close
When a program on the Android device becomes unstable, the DALVIK program will force it to terminate to prevent further system instability.

Command line bridge, used to give commands to Android system. You will need app to send commands, it will use BusyBox to send the commands.

A plain text file which contains environmental variables for the system to use during operation.
Can be hacked to fake a different model for increased functionality, among many other operations.

Dalvik Cache
The collection of program information stored for use by the DALVIK program. This can be cleared from the RECOVERY menu to resolve issues with the Android OS.
Removing the .odex files from an APK file.
The .odex files contain a list of dependencies for the associated file,
and if something changes, the .odex (and similarly, the associated file) not longer function correctly.

AOSP/Android Open Source Project
The open-sourced code from which individuals can build new distributions of Android.

CyanogenMod is an Android build built from the Android Open Source Project,
and its builds are usable on multiple different Android Devices.

Process, during which user gets access to Android system partition and files,
giving the possibility to edit Android.

Factory Reset
This will remove all user customizations in the Android OS,
returning it to a factory state. Note: This will not wipe the Internal SD card.

Command Line Tool to edit Android filesystem.
Unlike flashmode, this allows flashing unsigned partition images.

Nandroid Backup
A complete system image backup of the Android device except
for the MODEM and KERNEL. Can be accessed from CWM.

CWM/ClockworkMod Recovery
A specific program, that is used before booting to Android.
Allows the user to make full backup of system and install custom ROMs, updates etc.

OTA/Over The Air
Updating your phone firmware directly from your phone via 3G or WiFi connection.

The act of writing code to the Android device.
ROMs, MODEMs, KERNELs, and BOOTLOADERs can all be flashed.
Independent from, and having nothing to do with, Adobe’s Flash product.

Phone mode, where you can freely flash any firmware to your phone
via WotanServer or Flashtool.

System of a smartphone, that controls the cellular radio systems(GSM, 3G, HSDPA etc).

Controls the booting process, makes sure that you will access User Interface.
These programs tell the Android device how to start up, and are critical to its functionality.

A phone, that you paid a lot for and now you can use it as brick,
because it doesn’t start up.

A job, that you have to do,
when you want to get from newer firmware to older firmware.

Bridge between hardware and Android,
used for hardware information exchange and control hardware parts(CPU etc).

A program that interacts with the device hardware to increase or decrease the processor’s clock speed
(e.g. at low usage, it will set the processor speed to 400 MHz, but as usage increases, it would scale up to 1000 MHz).

RAM/Random Access Memory
data storage area, where are currently in use apps and services.
It is used, because it has really high data transfer rate compared to other possibilities(SDcard, hard disks etc).

ROM/Read Only Memory
data storage, where the data can only be read by system itself.
It includes all data to start the Android. Many developers edit this ROM to change Android interface.

Setting the processor’s clock speed to run faster than its default setting,
i.e. 1200 MHz (1.2 GHz) vs 1000 MHz (1.0 GHz).

Setting the voltage levels drawn by the Android device to a
lower level to reduce overall battery usage.

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