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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lenovo A65, root လုပ္နည္း

1, the phone must be connected to the pea pods,ကြန္ၿပဴတာက antivirus software ပိတ္ထားပါ ။
, phone off 
, hold the volume down key + the leftmost button, then press and hold the power key. Do not immediately let go after boot wait 5-10 seconds, then boot interface will stay in power on the first screen. 
4, let go, insert the USB cable, and double-click to open the tool (tools download below) Input 1 on the keyboard and then tap the Enter key, wait about 10 seconds, the successful, the phone automatically restart.

Lenovo A65, root method picturesLenovo A65, root method pictures

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