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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LG Optimus Me P350 Root လုပ္နည္း

Root လုပ္နည္း ေတာင္းထား တာေတြ႕ လို႔ တင္ေပးလိုက္ ပါ တယ္။ စမ္း ေတာ႔ မစမ္း ရ ေသးပါ ဘူး ။စမ္း ၾကည္႕ လိုက္ ပါ ။ နည္း ႏွစ္ နည္း တင္ ေပး လိုက္ပါ တယ္ ။
Disclaimer : We are not responsible for any damages that may happened using this method. If any problem happens, we will help you to solve it. Keep in mind, Rooting your LG Optimus Me P350 will void your warranty.

၁။How to Root LG Optimus Me P350 Running Android 2.2 Froyo & 2.3 Gingerbread:

  • အရင္ ဆံုး Unlock Root Software ကိုေဒါင္းပါHere
  • Unlock Root Tool ကို PC မွာ သြင္းပါ ။
  • driver သိဖို႔ အတြက္ 91suit for android software ထည္႔ ထားပါ ။
  • Open the Unlock Root in PC, then connect your P350 with PC via USB cable.
  • Then your phone will be displayed in the list that appear.
Unlock Root Photos
  • Select the P350 in the list.
  • After that click the Root button in the tool.

  • In few seconds your LG Optimus Me P350 will gets rooted. After that, it will ask you to install some other apps. Just click No button to ignore it.
  • After that it will ask you to reboot your phone. Click Ok button to reboot your phone.
  • After that check your phone, Super User app is installed or not. If the Super User App is installed your LG Optimus me p350 was rooted.

၂။super one click root

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