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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lenovo S890 recovery & ROOT လုပ္နည္း

Advanced recovery for Lenovo S890
TWRP Recovery v2.3.2.3


ၿပင္ရမည္ ႕ ဖုန္း ေတြ အရမ္း မ်ား ေန လို႔ မအားတာ နဲ႔ ဘာသာ မၿပန္ ပဲ တင္ ေပး လိုက္ပါတယ္ ။ပံု ေလး ေတြ နဲ႔ ဆို ေတာ႔ အဆင္ ေၿပ မယ္ လို႔ ေမ်ာ္လင္႔ ပါတယ္ ။
1 - TWRP_for_S890.rar 5.2 MB 506 Downloads: 
 2 - New rekaveri  TWRP  or established through the first version of rekaveri as a normal And prizent: 1.17 MB 360 Downloads: After installing rekaveri copy file to the root of your memory card without unpacking, go to rekaveri and install this file. After rebooting the smartphone you will have access ROOTAttached File      

Attached File      


How to get into recovery:
  • In the phone off push button power for 2 seconds, and an additional volume + and - and keep all three to enter the recovery ...
  • The utility Mobileuncle Tools (there is a store) select Into Recovery Mode .
Management in the recovery:
Touch Installation rekaveri: What you need:

  • Smartphone (charge not less than 30% - for the safety net, since the first launch eats up a lot of energy)
  • Windows PC HR/7/8 x64 or x86 (RECOMMENDED Windows 7 x86)
  • Cord for connection to PC
  • Clear head and steady hands by
  • Download and install on your computer USB Drivers . Refers to the driver package for the firmware on the phone (spec modes)
  • Download rekaveri and scatter file and unzip the file into the root PC (any) to the folder with the Latin name. The folder name can not contain Russian letters or characters. All you need, including utility proshivalschika in the archive with the firmware present initially (referring to the official firmware). In the case of custom bikes, will have to download separately. attach the utility from the latest official firmware Russian: 18.91 MB
  • Set the mode driver firmware - for those who have set-miss.
    on the PC (for example Windows 7) to open the Device Manager. To do this 
    , right-click the mouse do to my computer on the 
    desktop-properties-device manager
  • bf9ec345c7edc5781efdd20a23ead4dc_1.png
  • 65ca8feab003beefe9b8d7ce998a0bc4_2.png
  • Unpack the driver special regimes at any convenient place.
  • Connect a 
    smart phone without the battery to the PC. 2 seconds in the manager there 
    an unknown device ... Rapidly until it disappeared-Tapao on it-in the 
    window that appears, click Update driver software and set the path where we 
    extracted the driver. if you have done everything correctly - that when you 
    connect your smartphone OFF for 2 seconds will appear 
    the following device:
  • 50a7907d0e08b9dbea034b8397a933b6_5.png
  • Now, you can put the firmware.
  • Start the program Flash_tool.exe - it lies with the firmware folder in the subfolder P770_UpgradeTool
  • post-2-0-43776200-1357731874_thumb.jpg
  • Press the Scatter-Loading, go to the folder with the firmware in a subfolder target_bin and select the file MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt
  • post-2-0-78373700-1357731874_thumb.jpg
  • Press the DOWNLOAD
  • Without inserting the battery, connect the device to your computer via USB. Firmware will start automatically.
  • Wait until the firmware (it can take a while) At the end of the firmware will see the following window.
  • post-2-0-92493600-1357731875.jpg
  • Disconnect the USB device from the computer.
  • Insert the battery.
  • Turn on the machine.

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