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Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to create and install android bootanimations from scratch

How to create and install android bootanimations from scratch

This is a guide which tells you how to make a your very own bootanimation and install a bootanimation on your device.
plz let me know if you made a bootanimation using this method so that every bootanimation made using this method can be posted here

#This guide assumes that you are windows user and have - 
  1- 7 zip or winrar installed
  2- a image editing software (for ex-photoshop)  #
Bootanimation- what is it ?

Bootanimation basically is a collection of .png pictures that are projected on the screen one after the other quickly so that it looks like a animation , stored in a zip file

1-you need a file [you can find them on google]

now if you have downloaded the file ,open it up

2- as you can see in the picture you find some folders in it named
"part0"    "part1"    "part2"
and a desc.txt file .

folders like part0;part1,etc. STORE .png pictures of bootnaimation
the desc.txt file contains all the necessary info to run bootanimation like resolution fps ,etc

As you can see in the image
   #1-it is the resolution of the bootanimation(you should basically use your device's resolution for ex - in the pic it is 320X480)
   #2-it is the fps(frames per second) of your bootanimation [higher the no. faster will your bootanimation play a standard fps should be 30]
   #3-these are the folders which contain images for your bootanimation
   #4-it is a pointer to tell it to look at new commands
   #5-specifies the no. of times this section of bootanimation will play ( 0 means infinite)
   #6-defines pause in seconds before repeating or moving on next line (o means no pause 10 means 10 sec pause)

Fire it up el captain !!

we'll start making a bootanimation from scratch from here

#1-create a folder anywhere put in desktop for ease,let's call it
#2-open the folder and create another folder name it
#3- With part0 created, it's time for you to start creating an image. To make it simple for beginning we'll make a simple one .So, using Photoshop as an example, create a new image which is the resolution of your handset. [like if ur on htc explorer use 320X480 or galaxy mini use 340X320] (if u don't know your device's resolution google it

#4-Give a black background to the image and take a image you wan't to fade in . paste it as a new layer and set the layer to 0% opacity
so now you can only see a black background.

#5-now save the image in your
part0 folder
and name it
#6-now increase the opacity of your bootanimation by a narrow degree say save it as
in the part0 folder

#7-repeat step 5 every time until you reach 100%.and each time save it as image003-image004 etc. in part0 folder

#8-open notepad and type this --

320 480 30

p 1 0 part0
change the 320 480 with the resolution you are using
#9- save it as :
in the root of your bootanimation folder (not in part0)

#10- compress it using your archive manager say 7zip ;winrar,etc.
or else bootanimation WON'T work

congrats u just made a boot animation... and remember to share with us your bootanimation

Installing bootanimations

To install your bootanimation just use root explorer to put it in system/media folder
if using htc stock rom put it in system/customize/resources folder (make sure to rename it the to )

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