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Friday, September 28, 2012

the Huawei U8825D perfect ROOT tutorial

Get ROOT privileges steps:

လြယ္ တယ္ အရင္ bootloader Unlock လုပ္ ။ ၿပီးရင္ ေဒါင္း ထားတဲ႕ ထဲ က Recovery ထဲ႔ .ၿပီး ရင္ recovery ေခၚ ေဒါင္းထား တဲ႕ ထဲ က zip ဖိုင္ ထည္႔ လိုက္ ရၿပီ ။
လြယ္ လို႔ ဘာသာ မၿပန္ေပး ေတာ႔ ဘူး ေနာ္ ေအာက္ မွာ ဆက္ ဖတ္ လိုက္ ပါ ။
First, the drive is installed in the computer. 
    In a later step, we need to use a computer to control the operation of the phone, so we need computer fitted mobile phone drive. 
1 phone - to open USB debugging: menu key (phone leftmost three bars key) - system settings - Developer options - USB debugging (check it) 
2 computer operations - installation drive phone: the download attachments 
Huawei phone drive , unzip and double click, installed on your computer. 
  (The Xiaoqiang Tip: phone successfully connected pea pods, Tencent mobile phone housekeeper and management software, you can omit this step) Second, go to the the Huawei official website for the unlock code. When we just start the machine when the phone default encryption locked Bootloader, that is, we can not phone the ROOT (Advanced permissions), brush the third party Recovery a series of operations. For the above operations must bootloader unlock. 

Follow the prompts to complete the relevant content, the S / N number and product IMEI / MEID these two can see your own cell phone batteries buckle down. Enter * # * # 1357946 # * # * phone dialing interface will be able to get the ID. (Here the application page of the official website of Huawei also tips on how to get the S / N, IMEI / MEID code and ID)
Unlock code application to confirm filled information is correct. I remember about 16 per pure digital. 
Please fill in the correct e-mail address in the application page, in order to receive the unlock code. 

Tip: Xiaoqiang here to apply unlock code will take some time, very fast, and can get day-to-three-day look. Days like Saturday, will not be accepted, of course, this is a manual handling, good luck friend two hours received almost luck may be more than one week in order to receive, this is not Xiaoqiang about.

Phone dialing interface input * # * # 1357946 # * # * you can get 8-digit identification code ) 
Please wait for the mailbox to receive the unlock code after following we begin to unlock (Xiaoqiang tips: how to unlock the government has also given in real terms with the use of this tool is the same, this tool is only integrate the batch file commands given by the official, we can also reference the the Huawei official website unlock method): Note: to unlock the phone, ahead of a good backup user data. Unlock the phone after the success will automatically restore the factory settings and lost Widevine function. 

1, first make sure the installed above the first great step in the drive, disconnect the USB connection 
, turn off fast boot feature, the next shutdown, wait a few seconds. 
3, and then press the volume down button and the power button for 10 seconds or more, and so the picture has been stopped at Huawei chrysanthemum pattern (or fertile 3G screen) 
, plug in the USB data cable, first enter bootloader mode may need safe driving. Continue after the completion of 
download attachments 
or concentrated unlock tool to computer and unzip it open, and 16 in accordance with the prompt input from Huawei unlock password and press Enter, the phone will automatically restart. 
6 If you enter the correct password, the phone will enter the restore factory settings mode to resume after the completion of the factory settings, the phone will automatically reboot to enter IDLE interface, complete the unlock operation. If the user enters the password information is incorrect, the phone will direct restart the IDLE interface.


Brush into the third-party recovery. 
Brush into a third-party recovery before you can use the ROM Brush folk various characteristics, and by the recovery brush into the ROOT package for ROOT permissions. 
This step is sure to drive phone has been installed correctly, the phone is already unlocked, USB debug is already open phone via data cable connected to the computer normal. 

The 1 download attachments G big recovery6.0.1.2_u8825d of enhanced version. rar to your computer and unzip. 
Turn off the phone fast boot and shutdown, hold the volume down and hold, wait 10 seconds and then press the power button. If the screen remains fertile .3 G does not move proved already entered fastboot mode. 
Phone connected via a data line and computer, then the computer will be prompted to install the driver, this will be done automatically. 
Double-click to open unzip recovery6.0.1.2_u8825d.exe . According to the prompts until you are prompted successfully brush into Recovery so far.

Fourth, for ROOT permissions. 
The 1. The download attachments cofface _ . Copied to the phone on the SD card, be careful not to unpack, placed directly on the root directory of the SD card. 
. "Close fast boot feature phone off, wait 10 seconds. 
Press and hold the volume up key, let go and then press the power button until the emergence of third-party Recovery interface. 
Small Jiang Tip: recovery of operating way as follows: volume up key = cursor upward moving volume under key = cursor down to move the power key = determined 
4, select the install the zip from sdcard (choose Brush package brush machine) 
5, select choose zip from sdcard (select a ZIP file from the SD card) 
6, select Annex , confirm brush into buttoned. Back on a mobile phone can restart. 

This point for ROOT permissions completed Brush friend and do not want to call it if you want to delete only comes with the program.

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